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«Melancholy is life's emollient. Sometimes the message has to be conveyed softly and slowly for it to penetrate. The melancholic aspect has nothing to do with depression. Rather, on the contrary, melancholy is a dimension that enhances the joy in life. "It is in the darkness that we find the light".

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About Ingve Sandvold


Enchanting audiences with warm, soul-stirring, and melancholic moods, Alternative Rock’s rising artist, Ingve Sandvold continues to astound. Inspired by flow, dynamics and authenticity and the ability to adress challenging issues in his lyrics head-on, Ingve Sandvold’s songwriting is underscored by a distinct mellow and melancholic character. With new and original singles on the way, the artist aims to build a small musical career in the sundown of his life, leaving behind a small but disruptive footprint.



A talented artist, Ingve Sandvold is known to craft Alternative and Rock music that beautifully reflects his own sense of the world, existentially and introspectively digging into the human core. The artist along with his prolific collective of instrumentalists and musicians is driven to inspire and stun listeners with meaningful and melodic compositions. During his performances, Ingve Sandvold covers acoustic and electric guitar and delivers phenomenal vocals, with Jostein Johansen on keys and saxofone, Ivar Roda on bass and Yngve Mathisen on drums.

Having been a vocalist in several different local bands and startups in the region of Rogaland, Norway, Ingve brings with himself years of experience. More recently, the eclectic artist has shifted his focus towards writing songs with lyrics that have honest and depth, as well as towards portraying a musical mood he wants to convey to the audience.

In 2010, Ingve Sandvold officially made his mark in the music industry with the released of his EP under the stage name, Draw. The album titled, ‘The Warning’ was released in collaberation with another local atrtist named Togga Gundersen. Ever since then, the dynamic artist has continued to perform at small venues all across his home country, hoping to inspire listeners with the raw and honest storytelling style that he has pioneered in the genre.


Dedicated to imbuing Alternative and Rock music with heartfelt, moving, and stirring messages, Ingve Sandvoid has already dropped several exciting singles. Ingve’s track, “Wine” reflects status quo, conveying the desperation of human failure in creating a meaningful discourse across cultural barriers and nations. In contrast, his single, “Stay” takes a more intimate detour, and is song written from a father’s perspective as his son struggles with illness through his childhood. The artist’s track, “Sign” presents a melodic composition that focuses on dealing with a man’s struggle to cope with a failed relationship, while he also ruminates the irreparable damage humanity is causing to environment and nature.

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